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WMA Lightfoot +//
Legion of Excellence
1993 Bay Arabian Stallion
2002 IAHA 50 Mile Endurance Horse of the Year!
Central Region Overall Champion & Best Condition, 2002
Lightfoot is the star of our show.  I borrowed him in April of 1998 to go on my (and his) first
25 mile (limited distance) endurance ride.  He was, at that time, in race training, running at
Retama and Sam Houston Race Parks -- and winning a few, I might add.  When we went on
the trail, it was his first time ever to be ridden away from the track.  He had never seen any of
the natural obstacles that we encountered -- cactus, mesquite, water troughs, cows!  But -- we
finished the ride, in time, and "fit to continue".  (We did win the "Turtle Award" on that ride!)  
After spending the day with Lightfoot, I had to have him.  We continued to train and compete
in Limited Distance rides for the next year and half, in the "Top Ten" of most, winning quite a

Lightfoot began competing in 50 mile rides in April 2000, in the "Top Ten" his first time out.  
He was only out of the "Top Ten" once in 2000 (and that's because I had hurt my back and
couldn't ride well!).  He was second Featherweight and third overall at the AERC National
Championship ride in Fort Stanton, New Mexico in August 2000 -- his first time in the
mountains!  For the 2001 ride season, he tackled multi-day rides, winning the overall fastest
time at Around the Mountain in Deming (160 miles in 15 hours, 15 minutes) and winning the
overall fastest time at Fort Stanton I, II, III (150 miles in 12 hours, nine minutes) and overall
Best Condition for the three days.  And, at Apache Kid I and II, the second day of which was
the 2001 Arabian National Championship 50 Endurance Ride, where he placed third overall,
and First Place Stallion!  The 2002 season had him doing 100 mile rides and multi-days.  His
first 100 was the Frigid Digit Ride in January, were he completed, happily, as first
featherweight!  Lightfoot also won Best Condition all three days of Cow Tanks, 2002, with the
overall fastest time (165 miles in 14 hours, 42 minutes).  At the end of the 2002 ride season, he
had completed 1000 miles for the year -- all top ten!  We are very proud!
On the trail, Lightfoot is the perfect gentleman.  Many companions have been surprised at the
end of the day to discover that he is, in fact, a stallion.  He has perfect manners, even under
the worst of conditions.  He gathers new "fans" everywhere he goes -- people love his sense
of style, his elegance, his grace, and, of course, his winning ways!  He has recently earned his
Legion of Excellence from the
Interational Arabian Horse Association.

There are now several babies on the ground by him!  His first Half-Arab Appaloosa can be
seen on the "For Sale" page.  I was not prepared to breed him to outside mares until I knew
he was going to be a successful endurance horse.  Now that he has exceeded my
expectations, I am proud to offer his services to outside mares.  His first colt, "Lightly Frosted
One", is exactly what I had hoped to accomplish by this mating. Lightfoot is now the proud
daddy of a rainbow of babies. You can see some of their photos on the "For Sale" page.
WMA Lightfoot+// is out of a *Bask++ daughter (who sold at auction for $220,000) and an
elegant *Bask++ grandson.  Stud fee for 2005 is still $750 for purebred Arabian mares, $350
for all others.  Mare care is $8 per day dry, $10 per day wet.  Current proof of negative
Coggins will be required.  His DNA-type is on file with the Arabian Registry and the
Appaloosa Horse Club.  Lightfoot is also entered as a nominated sire in the International
Arabian Horse Association's Breeder's Sweepstakes program.  This means that his foals are
eligible to compete for cash awards in regional and national competition, any discipline.

All non-Arabian babies of WMA Lightfoot+// are registerable with the IAHA as Half
Arabians, or Anglo Arabians (out of Thoroughbred mares) and babies from regular papered
Appaloosa mares are also eligible for registration with the
Appaloosa Horse Club.  
Appropriate paperwork will be provided.  Please book early!
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Sandhill's Hank
90% Foundation, ApHC 589661
ICAA F-3-1959
Few Spot Leopard (Black and Bay Spots)

Few Spot Leopards are 100% color producers.  Hank is no different.  Take a look
at some of his foals below.  That's why I drove to Nebraska to pick him up!  He also
has a strikingly sane disposition, and he's becoming a flashy carriage horse!
Breeding Fee:  $400
Mare Care: $8/$10 per day
Live Color Foal Guarantee